National Cherry Blossom Festival Pink Tie Party

by Editorial
Christina Fulton and Erica Riley

Christina Fulton and Erica Riley

Location: The Liaison Capitol Hill

WL SPONSOREDPhotos By Kyle Samperton

THINKING PINK: Cherry Blossom Festival supporters enjoyed cocktail and food specialties prepared by Art and Soul celebrity chef Art Smith and colleagues from Charlie Palmer Steak, Mie N Yu, and other local restaurants. CHERRY PICKED: Pink roses and ubiquitous cherry blossom branches competed with Adour’s cherry-flavored macaroons and numerous cherry-themed cocktails (although no pink champagne was sighted). Proceeds funded various cultural events planned during the March 28-April 12 festival celebrating spring and the 1912 gift of 3,000 cherry trees to Washington to commemorate Japanese-American friendship.

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