Dinner for Princes Bandar and Fahad Al-Saud

by Editorial
Prince Fahad Al-Saud and Bayanne Surdashi

Prince Fahad Al-Saud and Bayanne Surdashi

Location: Residence of the Ambassador of Yemen

WL EXCLUSIVEPhotos by Betsy Spruill Clarke

THE EVENT: Yemeni Ambassador Abdulwahab Al-Hajjri hosted an intimate dinner for Prince Fahad Bin Abdullah Bin Muhammad Al-Saud and Prince Bandar Bin Abdullah Bin Muhammad Al-Saud, who were visiting from Saudi Arabia. Over a meal of traditional Yemeni specialties, the two royal brothers discussed U.S. relations with the Middle East with such well-informed guests as Tom Friedman (New York Times), Bayanne Surdashi (Al-Hurra), and Jay Newton-Small (Time), who all regularly report on the region.

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