The Ovation Society of the Duke Ellington Jazz Festival

by Editorial
Allison and Chris Putala

Allison and Chris Putala

Location: The home of Christopher & Allison Putala

WL SPONSOREDPhotos by Kyle Samperton

ALL THAT JAZZ: At the Georgetown home of Christopher and Allison Putala, The Duke Ellington Ovation Society’s young donors counted down the days to the festival’s main event, a gala concert at the Kennedy Center with Harry Connick, Jr., and the Marsalis family on June 15th. The charismatic Steven Stolman stood barefootted on a white couch in his Palm Beach finery to address the enthusiastic guests who dined on canapés provided by Capital Grille and listened to jazz – of course. THE GUESTS: Ali Hershey, Kimberly Warfield, Keith Blackman, Diana Minshall and Bailey Rockwell.

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