The Washington National Opera Ball

by Editorial
Maureen Scalia, Antonin Scalia   




Maureen Scalia, Antonin Scalia


Location: The German Embassy Residence

WL SPONSOREDPhotos by Kyle Samperton

WILLKOMEN: How charming to see an imposing diplomatic redoubt transformed into a Cabaret-style fantasy world with surreal characters from Wagner and Mozart operas greeting guests amid noted event designer Sandi Hoffman’s dramatic backdrop of a replica of the Berlin Wall (gone lo these 20 years). “VALHALA” PLEAS URES : After dinner at 25 embassies, patrons converged upon the high-atop-Georgetown promontory to dance in a special pavilion, enjoy the views, and indulge in specialty cocktails and sumptuous seafood, cheese, and dessert buffets. Others repaired to the basement’s “Berlin Bar” to hear Ute Lemper belt out Kurt Weill and Jacques Brel favorites.

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