W Hotel’s ‘Gypset’ Style

by Editorial
Ed Baten, Julia Chaplin

Ed Baten, Julia Chaplin


Location: W Hotel Talent Center, Georgetown 

WL EXCLUSIVE- Photos by Kyle Samperton

COLOR FUL CARA VAN: A mid-summer night filled with vibrant fashion and revelry for the W Hotel’s kick-off. Julia Chaplin added spice to the affair as she signed copies of her book, Gypset Style, about artists who live unconventional, jet-setting lives. Not surprisingly, colorful boho-chic outfits dotted the trendy space. Behind the bar, the W’s main mixologist Justin Guthrie whipped up refreshing specialty cocktails thanks to cosponsors Grey Goose (love the new Le Citron!) and Barcardi. In between designer drinks, gypsetters voted for the best local brownie to be placed in W’s new Bliss Spa (Bread and Chocolate’s won), while belly dancers shimmied through the room. RE VELERS : Anton Papich, Hadley Gamble, Amy Goldson, Austin Bryan, Ashtan Moore, Matt Lauer, Kristin Ricci, Ivan Iricanin, and Karim Chrobog.

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