Celebrating Omar’s 30th

by Editorial

Napoléon Bistro

Photos by Tony Powell

Omar Popal

Omar Popal

THE EVENT: Omar Popal is smart, handsome, charming, a bit mischevious in good hearted way, and oh-so-discreet – just a few of the reasons why 300 of his best pals jammed Napoléon Bistro, his family’s Adams-Morgan eatery, to drink, dine, and dance in honor of the actor/model/restaurateur’s 30th. THE SCENE: The birthday boy watched good-naturedly as a lifetime’s worth of often embarrassing but always wittily encaptioned photos were put together and projected by big brother Mustafa Popal and sister Fatima Popal. Later, clan elders surrendered the premises to late-arriving scenesters who partied until closing in the lower level lounge/discothèque. THE GUESTS: Paul Wharton, Karim Chrobog, Routiza and Bita Vahhabaghai, Carolina Furukrona, Douglas Eldridge, Erwin Gomez, and Will Thomas.

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