Join us on Friday, December 11, 2009, at 7:30 p.m. at the Greenbelt Marriott to support My Sister’s Place. The night will be great fun (good food, a live band, and great items to win during the raffle/auction). Raffle includes 4 roundtrip airline tickets, multiple 40”+ LCD Flat screens, 2 Mac laptops, a camcorder, a Boise home theater sound system, 2 IPod touches and a Playstation 3 so far.

Your support is needed to make this event a success so please forward addresses (email and postal) of individuals to include on the invitation list to me as soon as possible, printed invitations will be mailed within the next week.

My Sister’s Place provides daytime shelter for homeless women and children. As you may or may not know, most overnight shelters do not allow building access during the day, which leaves the homeless no place to go but the streets. Further, these mothers typically have very few options for feeding and providing their children with clean clothes to attend school. My Sister’s Place provides meals, laundry services, counseling, tutoring for GED preparation, and other services critical to restoring dignity and hope to women and children who are survivors of job loss, physical abuse, illness, and other unfortunate circumstances often beyond their control.

One in 50 children is homeless in America. These children often repeat grades because of excessive absences, experience illnesses at twice the rate of other children, and lose their dignity and confidence to succeed. Given the state of the economy and the alarming rate at which individuals are losing their jobs and homes, BLS is fortunate to be in a position to support a local community of individuals in need.

Remember, this is not about any of us as individuals – This is about the mothers and children who have lost their homes and face living on the streets during what is predicted to be a very cold winter. Our goal is to have at least 200 guests in attendance – Tickets are $65 (includes dinner and donation).

We look forward to your participation and support

Date: December 11

Time: 7:30

Location: Greenbelt Marriott

Attire: Business

Ticket/Pricing Information:

Tickets are $65 (includes dinner and donation).

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