The Creative List: TV and Film

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Here are some of our top TV, film, and video professionals. But we can’t list everyone. Who do you think should be here? Paste your comments below.


8112 Studios (L to R): Douglas Sonders, Ethan O. Khan, Nicholas Cambata, Greg Zwirn, and Michael Zemrose

YOUNG GUNS: Don’t let their youthful gazes fool you, and no, they aren’t actors, they ply their trade behind the lens. The fast-rising film and television production team of 8112 Studios was founded by American University grad Nicholas Cambata, Michael Zemrose, and nationally-renown photographer Doug Sonders, and they already have a resume most LA shops would die for – they just filmed Lady Gaga, won an MTV VMA for best dance video, filmed 3 Doors Down on tour, and went to Miami to hang from helicopters and film high speed boats for Geico … all before you had your morning coffee. Between their global gallivanting and growing client list, these young guns are firing on all cylinders.

Ricardo and Elizabeth Andrade, Pixeldust Studios
When NatGeo needs special visuals of an Egyptian serpent god and Smithsonian Networks craves animated galloping dinosaurs, they give Bethesda-based Pixeldust a ring. Why? 36 Emmy Award nominations and 12 awards.

Jody Arlington, Jamie Shor and Kimball Stroud, Co-founders, Impact Arts + Film Fund

The area needs a major international feature film festival (AFI Silverdocs is in Silver Spring, Md. and for docs). This dynamic trio are pushing to get one. The last IAFF festival roped in Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster.

Steve Burns, EVP Content, National Geographic Channel
Burns spends every day exploring ways to bring NatGeo’s cult-like following to TV. Can
shows like “Alaska State Troopers,” “Dog Whisperer,” and “Hooked: Monster Hauls” bring in the green for the yellow? This is not your father’s Carlos Castaneda.

Leslie and Andrew Cockburn, Filmmakers / Producers
Have been stalwarts in the local production scene since the 1980’s having produced segments for PBS Frontline” and “60 Minutes.” They just released their first theatrical documentary American Casino, about the subprime mortgage disaster. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – their daughter is actress Olivia Wilde.

Karim Chrobog and Nora Maccoby, Producer and writer,
Chrobog (director of 2008 Tribeca Audience Award winning film, War Child) and Maccoby (cowriter of Buffalo Soldiers and Bongwater) linked up earlier this year to work on two features The Algerian and Lady Jane for Cordoba Films.

John Hendricks, chairman, Discovery Communications
Founded a global content powerhouse that is the world’s number one nonfiction media company. It continues to expand, keeping its Silver Spring headquarters buzzing – much to the happiness of the “Lobstermen” next door at Red Lobster.

Ted Leonsis, Filmanthropist
The former AOL vice chairman jumped into film producing and promptly brought his first
two projects Nanking and Kicking it to Sundance. Leonsis’ new project Fighting Chance (co-produced with Rick Allen) continues his belief in the concept of “filmanthropy.”

Sheila Johnson, Executive Producer BET ’s co-founder can produce film, too, and when she does, it resonates. Her new project, The Other City, directed by award winning local director Susan Koch (Kicking It), is about the AIDS epidemic in Washington.

Sean Fine & Andre a Nix, Co-founders, Fine Films
Oscar-nominated filmmakers (War Dance, Best Documentary Feature, 07) are hoping lighting strikes twice with their latest documentary featuring Mariane Pearl and Angelina Jolie.

David Royle, Executive VP of Programming and Production, Smithsonian Networks
The Smithsonian Channel is holding its own after a shaky start with shows such
as “China’s Forbidden City,” “America’s Treasures” “America Wild & Wacky,” and “Carrier at
War: USS Enterprise.”

Jason Williams, Co-founder, JWM Productions
Shows for Discovery, NatGeo, etc., are their bread and butter, but we’re excited about new feature doc God’s House, the untold story of the Muslim Albanians who risked everything to save thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. The film is directed by Rachel Goslins (executive director of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities) and shot by D.C.-based cinematographer Neil Barrett (Kicking It).

Jeffrey Wright, Actor/ activist
You’ve seen him in Basquiat, Syriana, Casino Royale, and W (as Colin Powell), but he might have found his most important role as the founder of the Taia Peace Foundation.

Who do you think should be here? Sound off!

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