Power Source: Mike Jones

by WL Author

Power Source is pleased to recognize Mike Jones as a mogul in the making by applying his innovation to shape what will be the future of entertainment.

By Adoria Doucette

Mr. Mike Jones

Mr. Mike Jones

Mogul In The Making

The revolution in the production and delivery of entertainment over the last century has reshaped global culture in every way. Even more influential will be the role that new mediums of entertainment shape and inform as the world refines its productivity as an interconnected economy. With many of the fundamental challenges of technological innovation having been commoditized, innovation and effective leadership are the paramount qualities of tomorrow’s corporate leaders.

Mike Jones has for the past 10 years been a rising star in the corporate world of radio, television, and entertainment. Jones and his team have managed dozens of high impact projects that have led to the rapid development of the most coveted brands in media and he has collected countless awards for his precision and result oriented management style.

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From the inception of Mike Jones career, he reported directly to media mogul Cathy Hughes, who at the time owned over 100 radio stations across the nation and went on to establish the television network TV One; Jones has since been mentored by Tony Washington, senior VP of corporate sales at Radio One.

Mr. Jones is expanding distribution of the Russ Parr morning show beyond its 3 million daily users.

Mr. Jones is expanding distribution of the Russ Parr morning show beyond its 3 million daily listeners.

Jones was tapped by Radio One founder and his mentor Cathy Hughes to produce the 30th anniversary celebration of the company; Mr. Jones is developing and distributing the Radio One Family Comedy Show, a 16-market tour for clean comedy, with a taping of a straight to DVD film aboard the One Love Cruise. His innovative corporate mobile marketing technologies are leveraging shifting paradigms to capitalize on the consistent new flow of advertising dollars to internet and mobile platforms.

Jones is also expanding the syndication of the Russ Parr Morning Show, which has over 3 million listeners per day.

Mike Jones synthesizes the qualities that have made moguls like Quincy Jones, Cathy Hughes, and Bob Johnson. A native of D.C. and known for being a gifted college quarterback at Frostburg State University, Mike Jones humble yet outstanding professional values, coveted relationships, and keen insight into the future will ensure that he takes his rightful place at the top of the entertainment corporate world.


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