WL Events: Opera Ball Moves to Russian Embassy

For the first time since 1958, the venerable Washington National Opera Ball will be held at the Embassy of the Russian Federation where organizers say that opulence, luxury and culture will be on full display at the Friday, May 21 event.

By John Arundel

Samuel and Susan Lehrman at the 2009 German Embassy party.

Samuel and Susan Lehrman at the 2009 German Embassy party.

This year, the sights, tastes and sounds of Russia are sure to dazzle ballgoers and remind them why the Opera Ball is the highlight of the social season.

The ball is truly a Washington tradition – ever since it was first held, beauty and excitement have characterized this eagerly awaited annual event and organizers say that the 2010 Opera Ball will not disappoint.

Each year, the elegant black-tie event includes an intimate, formal dinner hosted by embassies throughout the city, followed by the gala at an embassy.

French Ambassador Pierre Vimont and Roxanne Roberts at last year's Opera Ball.

French Ambassador Pierre Vimont and Roxanne Roberts at the 2008 Opera Ball.

“This is truly an opportunity for [A-List] Washingtonians,” said Susan Lehrman, chair of this year’s Washington National Opera Ball. “It will be an opportunity to socialize with the world’s elite, including Supreme Court justices, ambassadors, celebrities, congress people, administration officials, business leaders and high-profile members of the media.”

Lehrman said that by utilizing the Opera’s extraordinary event expertise, the experience will be more spectacular than years before, and will include an ice room featuring vodka and caviar, a Russian tea room and exquisite authentic Russian desserts.

Guests at the event will also have the pleasure of dancing to the music of New York’s famed society bandleader, Peter Duchin and his Orchestra.

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