Wine & Spirits: Moonshine Iced Tea at AGAINN

by WL Author

The DC Gastropub offers summertime thirst-quenchers that are steeped in flavor.

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By Kelly A. Magyarics

AGAINN serves up a sauced alternative of a seasonal cooler.

AGAINN serves up a sauced alternative of a seasonal cooler.

Belly up to a bar and request a cocktail with iced tea, and you’ll more than likely get the Long Island version, a drink better known for its deceptive potency than its actual flavor.

But over at AGAINN, Whisk Group Beverage Director Caterina Abbruzzetti and Mixologist JP Caceres take a different approach to the front porch sipper this summer, serving up a selection of Moonshine Iced Teas. Priced at $10, each is served in a Collins glass with your choice of spirit, iced tea, crushed ice and butler service tinctures. The summery concoction tastes even better when enjoyed on AGAINN’s brand new 20 seat patio.

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Tinctures give cocktails super concentated flavor of herbs and spices.

Tinctures give cocktails super concentated flavor of herbs and spices.

So what’s a tincture exactly? Tinctures are made with neutral alcohol that’s steeped for a time with herbs and spices. AGAINN’s tinctures age in clear grain alcohol (i.e. Moonshine) for up to a month, using their own selection of organic herbs and spices including blackberry leaf, organic lemongrass, rosehips and barks. During that time, some of the mixture evaporates (this is referred to as the “angel’s share,”) rendering an ultra-concentrated cocktail component that tastes much richer and lasts much longer than dried herbs and spices. Once properly infused, the tinctures are strained and bottled, and ready to use behind the bar.

“Our concept is inspired by our philosophy of an organic, sustainable and biodynamic beverage program,” explains Abruzzetti. AGAINN currently offers four seasonal tinctures for their Moonshine Iced Teas:

The bar at AGAINN

The bar at AGAINN

Easy Day:
Organic blackberry leaf, peppermint, linden leaves and flowers

Happy Tummy:
Organic spearmint, organic lemongrass, organic rosemary

Dawn Chorus:
Organic nettle, organic rooibos, organic rose petals

Hibiscus High:
Organic hibiscus, organic rosehips, organic lemongrass

Kelly Magyarics is a wine and spirits writer, and wine educator, in the Washington, DC area. She can be reached through her website,, or on

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