FYIDC: “Chomp” Into Shark Week

by Editorial

Chompie the inflatable shark comes to the Discovery Communications building once again

By Anna Jacoby

Chompie looks over Silver Spring

Chompie looks over Silver Spring

The average shark is only 2 to 3 feet long, has an average of 3,000 teeth, and is an ocean predator (the Jaws tune comes to mind…).  “Chompie” the shark, however, is 446 feet long, made of 6.65 miles of fabric, and is inflatable.  Chompie’s returned to the top of the Discovery Communications’ headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland means that it is almost Shark Week, cable’s longest running event.  Rising high above the buildings and establishments of Silver Spring, any passerby can look up and see Chompie surging through the building overlooking Colesville Road.  This year is Shark Week’s 23rd anniversary.

Shark Week premieres on the Discovery Channel Sunday, August 1, at 9pm with Ultimate Air Jaws.

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