Music Notes: Where DJ Neekola Gets Her Groove On

by Editorial

We asked the always in-the-know DJ and music producer DJ Neekola where some of her favorite music venues were in DC.

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Here’s what she spun for us.

DJ Neekola (Photo by Alfredo Flores)

BOHEMIAN CAVERNS Great for jazz, and deep house. The few times I’ve been, the people really get into the music.

Jazz icons such as Billy Holiday and Louis Armstrong have performed there. It’s also got a very underground vibe, like you are actually in a cavern.

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EIGHTEENTH STREET LOUNGE Owned by Thievery Corporation so it has to be good!

It really feels like a house party – with a great vibe! The best dance party has been Sunday nights with SamBurns.

9:30 CLUB My favorite place for music in the city. They bring in lots of great acts, some of my favorites being Bajofondo and Deadmau5. It has a much more friendly, down-to-earth vibe than megaclubs where some of my favorite DJs have performed.

Hear DJ Neekola’s latest single “Playtime” from her debut album, and check out pics from her album release party:


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