Society 2.0: This Week’s Top Royal “Status” Report

by Editorial

There’s only been one thing on everyone’s mind the last few days: the Royal Wedding. We bring you the best #RoyalWedding tweets from D.C.
By Gabbi Baker

Prince William placed the ring on Kate Middleton’s finger before the Archbishop of Canterbury. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

As people across the world tuned in this morning to watch Prince William, the son of the heir to the British throne, wed his long time girlfriend, Kate Middleton, they were also turning to Twitter to share their thoughts. In fact, at the height of the ceremony, the Royal Wedding was mentioned around 67 times per second on Twitter. While some sentiments were more emotional…

@NikkiSchwab: Cheers here at the Ritz when Kate was first shown on the giants screens.#royalwedding

@LukeRussert: This is surreal even for 2011 standards. More enthralling than a POTUS inaug. Can’t think of #USA equivalent. #royalwedding

@CapehartJ: Woke up at 5:58. Prepared to work out. Saw Kate Middleton. Stopped in my tracks. Beautiful.

@piersmorgan: She would have been so proud of her boy today #DianaRIP

…others just made us laugh…

@EmilyMillerDC: Charles has a bad comb over. He should just shave it off

@pwgavin: Eh. Still think Khloe & Lamar’s nuptials were more elegant.

@cheeky_geeky: The #RoyalWedding is something to behold. I like how they went with the ‘thrifty’ theme to keep up with the times.

@RepWeiner: Just catching up here. So she wore a Steve McQeen dress? #TheOneHeWoreInBullitt

Photo from ( and Getty Images

But it was really this little girl who made headlines for her expression as Kate and William leaned in for a kiss…

@RyanSeacrest: I’d like to introduce you to the unhappiest person at the #RoyalWedding

@abmakulec: The best just-before-the-kiss photo from the #royalwedding. Hilarious.

And although it may seem like everyone had a chance to watch the wedding…

@anoyes: This morning some 684,399 status updates referencing the wedding were posted in just 4 hrs in the UK – average of 47 mentions every second

@GMA: White House says @BarackObama caught “a little” of the #RoyalWedding this morning over breakfast.

…there were a few people who had other plans…

@newtgingrich: What’s better than a Royal Wedding in London? Attending the @NRAILAConvention in Pittsburgh. I speak at 1:15 pm.

@matthewstoller: Starving credit to pension-friendly gov’ts while letting private fraud flourish. Oh, and happy whatever will and kate.

@KatherineKenned: Forget the #RoyalWedding, Im far more excited for the #WHCD soirees & @SweetGreen‘s #SweetLife Fest this weekend!

@dcfab: Wow. People are really up watching the #royalwedding. I’m off to DC to prep for #WHCD

Speaking of the White House Correspondent’s Dinner (#WHCD) — we can’t wait to track the buzz on Twitter for the dinner and the after parties. Here’s what people are saying…

SNL's Seth Meyers talks to David Gregory in front of the White House. (from @BetsyMTP)

@BetsyMTP: Star of WH Corr dinner Seth Meyers of #SNL talks to @davidgregory for Sunday’s #mtp at the White House

@bkownacki: Was that kate hudson? Not sure. It is#WHCD weekend.

@Chamberlayne: Alyssa Milano, Jason Biggs, David Arquette, Marlon Wayans, and Omar Epps were all just at lunch at the Capitol Hill Club… #WHCD

@brookeburke: I’m in DC for the White House Correspondents Dinner. Touring the White House today, can’t wait to meet the President.

@suezoldak: #WHCD is like two sets of wild animals looking at each other through the bars at the zoo. – Tim Daly #politicoplaybook

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