Society 2.0: Special WHCD “Status” Report

by Editorial

With jokes and jabs from President Obama and host Seth Meyers, The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner led to lots of laughs from correspondents and celebrities alike. Here are some of their top tweets.
By Gabbi Baker

Donald and Melania Trump. Photo: Tony Powell

@pourmecoffee: The first rule of #nerdprom is, apparently, everyone tweets about #nerdprom.

@mikegenki3: Insert “I saw [insert celeb] at [insert #whcad party]” tweet here. Next up: a main image on your FB page w/ u and [insert celeb]!!

@jaketapper: The thing no one knows about #nerdprom — this year the cool kids are totally going to pigs-blood a certain Carrie in our midst. Tune in!

When President Obama took the stage, he showed a video trailer of ‘The President’s Speech’ and spoke about 2012 presidential hopefuls, his recently released birth certificate, and of course, Donald Trump.

@mike_farah: Obama just strutted out to “I wanna be american” (the hulk hogan song) @ the white house press dinner. Greatest thing ever

@TheFix: Obama shows “birth video” — clip from Lion King. And the crowd goes crazy. #whcd

@KatieS: Dear America, you are welcome #theDonald

@chrisjohnson82: Obama on Matt Damon being ‘disappointed’ in POTUS: ‘I just saw The Adjustment Bureau, so right back at you’#WHCD

@jeremypiven: was @ the dinner last night ans our president killed it like an old school comedy club…

@iansomerhalder: Can’t tweet pics-reception bad…:( Obama speaking right now- holy shit he is so funny. Seriously the whole room is in laughter.Dems&repubs

@brookeburke: I am stunned & amazed by the presence and power of President Obama. Much greater than he posesses on TV. Can’t believe how funny 2night is!

@AlecJRoss: Oh my God, @KatieS just got Donald Trump to sign a copy of President Obama’s birth certificate here at the WHCD #Nerdprom

Seth Meyers kept the laughs coming…

@mindykaling: Um @sethmeyers21 they’re gonna rename the WHCD speech “Seth Meyers” the way “John Hancock” means signature

@andersoncooper: I’m a huge @sethmeyers21 fan. Its an honor to be mocked by him.

@bronxzooscobra: .@sethmeyers21 talking about me at White House Correspondents Dinner?! I think someone has a snake-crush. And not the boa constrictor kind.

@alyankovic: Is it just me, or was the sexual tension between @sethmeyers21 and Donald Trump at the #WHCD just palpable?

@sethmeyers21: Enjoyed WHC dinner immensely. Anxiously awaiting Trump’s rebuttal

Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, and Fred Armisen. Photo: Kyle Samperton

And many of the celebrity guests invited to the dinner tweeted their thanks, excitement, and favorite moments…

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

@kerrywashington: See you soon Sir RT @johnlegend: Going to White House Correspondents Dinner tonight in DC. Where DC pretends to be Hollywood for a night

@marlonwayans: Barack Obama and Seth just put a nail in trump’s whoole campaignb’s coffin

@Alyssa_Milano: I’m so overwhelmed being here. I keep getting teary eyed. #WHCD

@PaulaAbdul: i had a great time in DC! the White House Correspondents Dinner was the perfect amalgamation of politics, Hollywood, & advertising lol

@ElizabethBanks: I got photo bombed by Rep. Eric Cantor at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

@anoyes: I’ve seen more Glee cast-members than members of Congress #WHCD

@jimmywa11: It was a great honor to go to the White House Correspondents Dinner…enjoyed myself!!!

@jessetyler: I am still in orbit about being at the#WHCD last night. Such a huge honor to be invited! Obama & Seth Myers killed it!

@toryburch: So much fun sitting with @politico, thank you!! Seth Meyers was funny, Obama funnier- he didn’t read his jokes and his timing was perfect!!

@terrellowens: I would like 2 personally & twitterly Thank @LukeRussert 4 inviting me 2 the 2011 White House Correspondent’s Dinner!

Luke Russert and Terrell Owens. Photo: Kyle Samperton

Jesse Tyler Ferguson at a WHCD Pre Party. Photo: Tony Powell.

Mary Amons and Angie Goff. Photo: Kyle Samperton

Chase Crawford, Tony Romo, and Candace Crawford. Photo: Tony Powell

Bristol Palin. Photo: Kyle Samperton

Scarlett Johansson and her brother Hunter. Photo: Tony Powell

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