Wine & Spirits: The World One Whiskey at a Time

by Editorial

Get a taste of Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and America all in one night as you travel the world one shot of whiskey at a time.

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The Washington Club is hosting a Whiskies of the World tasting on June 21 where one can discover, taste, and compare 12 scotches, whiskies, and bourbons from Ireland, Scotland, Canada and the good ole U.S.A – now that is what we call traveling! Tickets are $67 and can be purchased here.

Some of the whiskies that will be featured include Scotland’s Johnnie Walker Green, a 15-year-old blend malt whiskey. In addition, attendees will  taste Ireland’s Bushmills 10, a tripled distilled malted barley that’s aged a minimum 10 years and the United States’ Bulleit Bourbon Bulleit Rye, which has notes of cherry, tobacco, and spice. While sipping the night away, you can nibble on appetizers ranging from different parts of the world that are expertly paired with the night’s whiskeys in order to highlight their complexities.

Have questions about the distillation process of Crown Royal Black whiskey? Want to know why the Bushmills 16 whiskey your sipping took 16 years to make?  No problem. The ultimate whiskey master, Ewan A. Morgan, will be in attendance. He will tell you everything about the blending, aging, and distillation process of Whiskey itself.

The Washington Club was founded in 1891 for “literary purposes, mutual improvement and the promotion of social intercourse.” The first president was Mrs.

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Elizabeth Blair Lee, wife of Admiral Samuel Phillips Lee, and daughter of Francis Preston Blair. Her family home, located across from the White House, presently serves as the guest house of the President of the United States.

The club is still open for membership today. Members enjoy the following benefits: a comfortable, quiet refuge in the middle of the busy city, fine dining, an elegant venue for effortless entertaining, a host of activities and the opportunity to create new friendships, participation in the preservation of the history of the District of Columbia, reciprocal privileges with other private clubs in the U.S. and internationally and several types of memberships are available; sponsorship is required for membership. For information concerning membership please contact

Book your tickets for your Whiskey journey and be ready for departure on June 21 at 6 PM.

Another happening Soriee at the Washington Club. Photo by Tony Powell.

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