FYIDC: Phillips Artsy Photo Contest

by Editorial

The Phillips Collection is holding a photo contest that will get contestants to relate modern art to their everyday lives.

Frank Stella's K.43 (photo by Gregory R. Stanley, courtesy of FreedmanArt)

There’s lots of colors and twists and swirls, but what can you see in Stella‘s K.43?

The Phillips Collection is inviting Washingtonians to take a careful look at artist Frank Stella‘s K.43 sculpture, then head out and snaps some photos of anything that looks like or resembles the piece of art in everyday life.

The contest is inspired by the Phillips‘ current exhibition of Stella Sounds: The Scarlatti K Series, displayed through September 4.

Washingtonians interested in the contest should submit their photographs to the Phillips Collection for a chance to win one free ticket to Phillips after 5 and two free drinks.

Phillips after 5 is usually held on the first Thursday of every month, but from August 4th to September 1, the event will take place every week.  Contest winners and their photos will be revealed on the contest blog each Tuesday before that week’s Phillips after 5.

The last day to submit photos is August 29th at midnight.  For information on how and what to submit to the contest, click here.

A close-up of Frank Stella's K.43 (photo by Sarah Osborne Bender, courtesy of FreedmanArt)

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