Trend Report: Dubarry Boots

by Editorial

Don’t be fooled by their sporty exterior, Dubarry boots get the job done both in the ring and out on the street.

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By Jonathan Sylvester

Dubarry boots are a common siting at equetrian events. (Photo by Tony Powell)

At any equestrian competition, it is practically impossible to miss the knee-high brown leather boots proudly sported by almost every competitor. More often than not, these distinctive boots are made by Dubarry, a company founded in County Galway, Ireland in 1937. The company is named after Madame Dubarry, Louis XV’s famous lover. The company first became known for making indestructible yachting boots.

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After much found success, Dubarry quickly decided to apply their technology to a pair of country boots that have become a must-have among equestrian riders.

Notable celebrities are also fans of Dubarry boots, including fashion icon Kate Middleton and singer Bruce Springsteen.

According to Danny Hulse, who oversees the company’s U.S. operations, Dubarry boots are distinctive because they are GORE-TEX® lined and made with DryFast-DrySoftTM leather. This particular type of leather dries without shrinking. Mud, muck, and salt can simply be hosed off  these waterproof duds without drying out the leather – very useful indeed! Advertisements show suited men standing nonchalantly in a tub of water wearing their Dubarry boots.

Dubarry Boot, Galway Boot in Brown/ Mahogany

Hulse is quick to add that while these boots are incredibly popular among the equestrian crowd, they are also perfect for people looking for a stylish year-round pair of boots.

The easiest way to purchase Dubarry boots is to order them online. However, if you are more of a touch-and-feel kind of person, Tri Country Feeds in Marshall, Virginia carries the line.

For a unique and stylish pair of waterproof boots look no further than Dubarry. With a great pair of jeans and a stylish jacket these boots can easily transition from the country to the city. For a more classic look go with the Galway boot. For a bolder look they offer the Carlow boot in brown, black, and blue Teflon® coated tweed. Horse and Title sadly not included with purchase.

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