The Dish: Hog Heaven

by WL Author

Pork-centric eatery The Pig set to open in Logan Circle in spring 2012.
By Nevin Martell

Image courtesy of lemasney.

If you’re a fan of the other white meat, this news item is going to make your day. Actually, it might make your year. EatWell DC has announced the upcoming opening of The Pig restaurant, which will focus on pork, swine, bacon, ham, hocks, gammon, trotters, pork belly and fatback. That’s right, it’s all swine, all the time. The eatery will source its hogs from its own farm, EatWell Natural Farm, as well as other local producers, including Woodsboro, Md.’s Dorsey Meats.

The bar will feature a variety of beverages that don’t necessarily involve pork in any form – such as small batch bourbons, craft cocktails and eco-conscious wines – but let us be the first ones to say that we would love to enjoy a bacon vodka on the rocks before dinner.

The Pig will be located at 1320 14t St NW in Logan Circle and is set to open in the spring of 2012.

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