The Dish: Building a Better Burger

by WL Author

Clyde’s Restaurant Group starts locally sourcing grass-fed beef for its long-loved hamburgers.
By Nevin Martell

Photo courtesy of Clyde's Restaurant Group.

Hamburgers are the lifeblood of this country and Americans eat more than 13 billon patties every year. To make sure its signature burgers stand out from the herd, Clyde’s Restaurant Group is now making theirs with locally sourced, grass-fed beef.

All 13 locations in the Clyde’s Restaurant Group will now use beef provided by Maryland’s Piedmont Ridge and Glenn Young Farm in Southern Pennsylvania. This is no slider-sized undertaking either, since Clyde’s goes through approximately 5,000 pounds of ground beef every week. Math was never our strong suit (Don’t blame us, we were English majors), but even we know that makes a lot of burgers.

The farms primarily raise Angus cattle, which spend 18 months on a grass-only diet and aren’t given any steroids, growth hormones or supplements. The resulting ground beef is made using 85% lean, never-frozen chuck, hip and round cuts.

Suddenly, we’re in the mood for one of Clyde’s bacon cheeseburgers. Actually, make that two.

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