FYIDC: Fabu Film Fest

by Editorial

Beginning October 13, the 20th annual LGBT film festival will be showing 85 films to make us laugh, cry, and laugh some more.
By Shira Karsen

Still from "Wish Me Away", a film shown at the LGBT Film Festival.

We love a good film fest. So when we saw that Reel Affirmations was hosting their 20th anniversary International LGBT film festival–and opening with the film “Dirty Girl“, a coming of age film set in the ever-glamourous 1980s–it was pretty difficult to ignore.

But “Dirty Girl” (and some of the other films like “Au Pair, Kansas” and “Going Down in La La Land“) is fluffy fare compared to showings later on. “We Were Here“, which is scheduled for Saturday the 15th, was the first documentary to ever take a true look at San Fransico’s gay scene–and the impact AIDS had on it. “Gone“, another documentary directed in the U.S., follows Kathy Guilleran, a 20 year police vet and mother, in a search for her missing gay son overseas in Vienna. Along with the wide range of genre and emotion in this 10-day film fest, the directors and producers fit into the proverbial melting pot as well. From Mexico to Great Britan to India, the films deal with LGBT culture globally, not just nationwide.

These 80-something films will be shown from October 13-22 at venues all over downtown D.C. Tickets go for around $12 a piece per film. For more information on the festival and how to buy tickets, click here.

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