Fashionable Life: Alton Lane

by Editorial

Dupont Circle showroom sets out to make shopping a masculine affair (and they have a 3-D body scanner)
By Kinne Chapin

Alton Lane's Dupont Showroom. (Photo by Kirsten Rose)

Tired of a shopping experience that’s impersonal? Feel like you have to exert yourself to gain the notice of salespeople? Perhaps worst of all, sick of stores designed for women with a room for men tacked on like an afterthought? Enter Alton Lane, a new Dupont Circle showroom that promises men a custom shopping experience.

Founders Colin Hunter and Peyton Jenkins, who opened a successful location in New York City, want to turn shopping into an experience. From flat-screen televisions showing sports and classic movies, to a rugged decor of leather sofas and animal skin rugs, Alton Lane is not your average men’s boutique. But though the ambiance might be reason enough to visit, it pales in comparison to the showroom’s emphasis on quality.

Alton Lane hopes to ease the browsing experience by providing personal style experts to help their guests achieve the look they seek. They even have a 3-D body scanner so that they can determine a customer’s perfect fit. Yes, you read correctly. Style experts at Alton Lane can create an avatar of a customer’s body before designing custom apparel. It’s 21st century cool.

If the shopping experience normally fatigues you, Alton Lane may be the answer to your woes. After you get fitted for your custom suit, enjoy a drink – like a man.

Alton Lane founders Colin Hunter and Peyton Jenkins. (Photo by Kirsten Rose)

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