Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Editorial

Marc Jacob’s SS12 line goes missing, Shanghai shoppers hire stand-ins to line-up for H&M Versace launch, Lady Gaga channeled and Snooki … really?
By Nichole Devolites

Courtesy of Tom Ford.

No one panic! But, Marc Jacobs’ SS12 collection seems to have been stolen in Paris … and if you know where it is, here is the reward.

Trying not to panic? Try professional stand-ins. Shanghai shoppers hired these to wait in line for them the day of the Versace collection at H&M launch. Maybe Londoners should have gotten the memo although, they might have missed their Donatella Versace sighting.

But a reason TO panic: H&M’s site crashing the day Versace launched. It looks as though these Italian fashion houses are too much for the internet. Never fear though… Versace is making a comeback tour with a spring 2012 collection. See a sneak preview here. Can’t wait for that? Marni is next in the H&M collaboration lineup. Want an H&M collection fix now? Don’t forget the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” collection.

Channeling Lady Gaga 80 years ago begs the question: Were fashion designers from the 1930s spot-on with their fashion predictions or are we designing throw backs to the originals? Mother/daughter dresses, mother/daughter teas, even mother/daughter nights out but mother/daughter lingerie ads? Fox news doesn’t think so.

In related unusual model selection, it is now being questioned why there aren’t more plus-sized male models in this world. Before you dwell too long on this thought, check out the Victoria’s Secret’s models’ ride. And while you’re at it, hear Karlie Kloss go one about her “legs that go on for days”.

… and while the Victoria’s Secret show continues to impress around the world, Tom Ford’s show failed to do so this time. See the SS12 collection that has people underwhelmed. What won’t underwhelm? The showing of Alexander McQueen’s diffusion line McQ at London Fashion Week in 2012.

Interested in cheap beauty regime you can share with your cat? See what Snooki recommends. Speaking of the economy, according to the Christian Science Monitor, women who wear high heels more often are compensating for lack of financial stability. What does this say about Khloe Kardashian and her closet? I’m waiting on Christian Louboutin’s response.

Another “intelligent” post on style: The Whartorialist. I’m hoping they grow out of these “phases”. Tis’ the holiday season and Lady Gaga wants you to celebrate… her way.  Check out the opening of Gaga’s workshop and all the things you can buy for your “Little Monster”.

What you should not be buying this season (if you live in West Hollywood)?  Fur. I think these dogs of Bergdorf Goodman would agree.

Need tree decorating inspiration? Check out Betsey Johnson’s tree at the Plaza Hotel. What about advice on packing for your trip to see the family? See what Kate Middleton has to pack and who has to help her.  Yes, you can use this as an excuse to pack more.

In tech geek news, it appears that the most affluent shoppers are using Bing or else Gucci has hired a new team of people…

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