Music Matters: From Germany With Love

by Editorial

Hamburg electronic duo Digitalism drops into U Street Music Hall tonight, Dec 5th.
By Christina Hubmann

Jens Moelle and Ismail "Isi" Tuefekci are touring through the United States.

I Love You, Dude. It’s not only the title of a movie, it’s the title of the recent album from German DJ duo Digitalism. The quirky title reaffirms what makes this German electronic duo so unique – they’re something between sweet and sunshine and binary code. Performers Jens Moelle and Ismail “Isi” Tuefekci take ideas from the far ends of the spectrum and put them joyfully together, creating a final product that feels greater than the sum of its individual parts.The duo will be performing tracks off I Love You, Dude at the U Street Music Hall tonight, December 5th.

The album features 10 tracks, each with their own vibrant identity. Their sound bridges dancefloor pugilism and sonic sculpture. Four years have passed now, since the release of Digitalism’s 2007 debut, Idealism, and the string of hits like “Idealistic” or “Jupiter Room.” This time they hunkered down and demanded more from themselves. Although they spent over a year conceiving I Love You, Dude, the actual recording took place in only a couple months in spring 2011 in the duo’s windowless WWII bunker studio in Hamburg.

You can experience their creation tonight, Dec 5th  at U Street Music Hall. Click HERE for tickets.


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