Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Editorial

What you missed in 2011, high-heeled ice skates, DKNY designs hockey jerseys and the worst-dressed man of the week.
By Nichole Devolites

Looking for a pre-fall trend to be ahead of the curve? Try belted coats.

Now that 2011 has come to a close, let’s reflect back on some of the weird, wacky and downright craziest fashion trends we’ve seen.

Other things you may have missed in 2011:

A new year equals a brand new year of fashion – for all ages.  According to Roger Vivier, even little girls should be well-heeled in 2012.  I wonder if Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise will now be able to match?

No little girl in your life to spoil?  Then spoil the ice skater in you with DSquared2’s high-heeled ice skates.  I wonder if Vera Wang will be eyeing them for her next performance.

What about after a long day of walking/skating?  Your feet deserve something that should never leave the house – Baby-Alpaca slippers.

Something else to look for in 2012 a newly-revamped Bebe.  That’s right.  They have realized that trashy doesn’t equal sales but tamer office-friendly separates do and wait for it… as well as a bridal line.  According to their sources, they are maturing.  I’d agree except I still can’t get the image of gold lamé out of my head.

If you are looking for new pre-fall trends, look no further.

Pre-fall collections worth noting:

A must see this year: A selection of Princess Diana’s dresses.  They are set to go on display in Kensington Palace this March.

Also a must-see: The New York Rangers in DKNY practice jerseys.  According to sources, this is part of DKNY’s pre-fall collection, which means these guys get it before anyone else.  At least they will stay warm (and covered) in the freezing cold during their outdoor game, unlike these shoppers in Madrid.

In a less-than-shocking discovery, men don’t actually shop.  They stockpile.  I can confirm this revelation by walking into my boyfriend’s closet.

Someone else who may stockpile the same articles of clothing: Kim Jong-Un, whom according to WWD is the worst-dressed man of the week.

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