The Dish: Haute Chocolate

by WL Author

Et Voila! helps tipplers get toasty with their hot chocolate cocktails.
By Nevin Martell

The Belgian hot chocolate gets a boozy boost from Kahlua and Baileys.

It may feel like spring, but that doesn’t mean wintertime traditions should be forgotten. Though sledding and snow angels are out of the question, you can still indulge in a steaming cup of cocoa. To help you get your fix, Belgian bistro Et Voila! has debuted a menu of hot chocolate cocktails.

The Winter White Colada is a tropical take on the classic that spikes white hot chocolate with rum, pineapple syrup and brown sugar. A snifter filled with amber rum, homemade hot chocolate, cream and brown sugar comprises the Sugared Chocolate, while the Belgian Coffee is the one-two punch of Kahlua and Baileys along with hot chocolate and a white peak of whipped cream.

Though any of the cocktails can be made without alcohol for the under 21 set, the booze-free Et Voila! Hot Chocolate was designed with youngsters in mind. Mixologists are also happy to create one-of-a-kind hot chocolate cocktails for guests.

So don’t worry about not being able to make snow angels or go sledding, customized cocktails sounds like a great new wintertime tradition to us.

Et Voila!, 5120 MacArthur Blvd. NW; 202-237-2300,

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