Night Life: Turntables and Secrecy

A group of well-known DJs want to party in the afternoon– they just won’t tell you where until that day.

Keep your shades on these DJs play in the day. (Photo by Benoit Haber)

Mark you calendars electronic music fans, on March 18th, a one of a kind daytime DJ jam is coming to DC. Where? We can’t tell you– we don’t even know. You’ll need to ask musicphiles Stranger than Paradise and Deep Secrets along with Nomadtalent, who are the brains behind the Cocoon Recordings— a showcase of local and international electronic DJs. And they will be doing it in the day, so you can either just stay up all night and / or try to pull yourself out of bed before noon.  The event will be held “somewhere in a 5,000 sq. ft. waterfront location” to be announced to those who RSVP to You’ll find out day of the event. The mystery is killing us!

Don’t worry sleepy peeps, besides live music, there will be gourmet crêpes from Bonaparte Bistro and bottomless drink options. The music line-up is stout– Cocoon record label spinsters Onur Özer and Tobi Neumann; Ibiza Circoloco resident DJ Andrew Grant; East Coast Recording artists Lomez from My Favorite Robot; Jubilee from Hidden Recordings; local heroes Navbox; and Chris Nitti of Blisspop and U Street Music Hall.

Click HERE to purchase tickets.

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