Fashionable Life: District of Chic

by Laura

The mysterious and chic blogger is a true style chameleon. 

By Laura Wainman

The structured shoulders on E’s blazer update her classic black and white look. Oh, and check out her fire-engine red booties below. (Photo courtesy of District of Chic)

In our November issue, we featured a hand-picked guide to the runway’s top 10 trends (p. 54-57), including black and white, studs, peplum, metallic brocade, capes, leather accents, herringbone, ankle boots, motorcycle jackets and military-inspired ware. Now, we have sought out the area’s top fashion bloggers to showcase their takes on the trends, with exclusive interviews and street-style photos of their trendy outfits.

The voice behind the style blog District of Chic is a voice of few words. From the way she identifies herself (she’s just “E”) to the three-ish sentences that accompany her blog posts, it is clear that E wants her photos to do the talking. And in this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words. She’s known as the “quiet superstar” of the District’s blogging world, and her style truly can’t be defined.

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One day you will catch her in a turtleneck, structured blazer and crisp pants and the next in a fuchsia sweater and leather miniskirt. She is a true style chameleon, and the diversity is why we love her blog. We can visit day in and day out and never get bored.

E views each post on her blog as “a little creative project” and sees fashion blogs as an opportunity to to make the industry more accessible.

“Bloggers incorporate current trends and runway concepts into everyday wear and I think it encourages people to experiment.

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 I definitely get more wear out of my clothes now because I’m constantly thinking of new ways to wear them,” says E.

We recently chatted with this sweet gal to see where we could find her shopping, what inspires her ever-changing look and why she would have been a perfect fit for the 1920s.

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“I think this strikes a nice balance between polished and fun that meshes well with DC style.” (Photo courtesy of District of Chic)

Washington Life: Describe your style in five words or less?
District of Chic: ADD, preppy, romantic, punk.

WL: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
DOC: Everywhere – magazines, the internet, friends, family. I’m constantly looking at what people are wearing.

WL: If you could have been born in another fashion era, which one would you pick?
DOC: The 20s, probably because I have short hair. I also really love the silhouettes and fabrics.

WL: Favorite neighborhood for shopping:
DOC: I like the U St/14th St area a lot.

WL: Advice for new bloggers:
DOC: Try to find something that makes you stand out from the rest! The best blogs these days all have a unique element to them. (Editor’s Note:  The Man Repeller anyone?)

WL: What is your biggest fashion pet peeve?
DOC: I don’t love Uggs.

WL: What would you say is your favorite current trend?
DOC: I’ve been wearing a lot of velvet lately.

WL: Is there a trend you’d like to banish forever?
DOC: I never say never.

WL: Favorite local bloggers:
DOC: I alway like seeing The President Wears Prada‘s projects. Go Kate Shoot has great photos. I also like reading Holly from Refinery29’s features.

We wish we looked this chic while running errands! (Photo courtesy of District of Chic)

WL: Most practical Washington shoe:
DOC: A sleek black loafer. I feel like DC people always nee d a good walkable shoe.

WL: Do you have a favorite shoe in your closet?
DOC: A pair of spotted Sigerson Morrison ankle boots.

WL: Favorite colors:
DOC: Gray and blue.

WL: What is the most versatile item in your wardrobe?
DOC: My Theyskens Theory patent pumps.

WL: Favorite accessories of the moment:
DOC: Enamel bracelets

WL: Washington Winter must haves:
DOC: A roomy menswear-style coat for layering over blazers, a sturdy flat boot that you don’t mind getting dirty

WL: Top item you are coveting:
DOC: Givenchy Antigona bag

WL: You’ve overslept, but still need to look fresh and fabulous. What are you throwing on?
DOC: Black turtleneck, leather leggings, gray shawl cardigan, pointy pumps

WL: Finish this sentence: “I never leave home without my…”
DOC: Watch.

E hasn’t stopped wearing these ankle booties since she got them because they “make it very easy to spice up an otherwise classic black and white outfit.” (Photo courtesy of District of Chic)

Would you rather wear…

WL: A leather jacket or boyfriend blazer?
DOC: Leather jacket

WL: Heels or flats?
DOC: Heels

WL: Vintage or new:
DOC: Vintage

WL: Leather leggings or leather sleeved coat?
DOC: Leggings

WL: Red lipstick or black eyeliner?
DOC: Eyeliner

WL: Oversize watch or spiked bracelet?
DOC: Watch

WL: Faux or fur?
DOC: Does vintage fur count?

WL: Ankle booties or OTK boots?
DOC: Ankle booties

WL: Chanel bag or Louboutin pumps?
DOC: Chanel

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