Society 2.0: Apocalypse and the NRA

by Laura

Twitter is blowing up over Mayans’ prediction and NRA’s call for armed officers in schools. 

By Laura Wainman

Twitter is abuzz with end of the world jokes, thanks to the Mayans’ prediction that December 21, 2012 would mark the end of the world. (AP Photo/ Israel Leal)

In case you need a little distraction from the tasks at hand, we have rounded up a collection of entertaining and informative tweets circulating the internets today. With the end of the world predicted to occur on December 21 2012, the Twiterverse is blowing up with Apocalyptic jokes:

“ApocalypseConfessions I haven’t done my Christmas shopping just in case the #Mayans are right.” via Women’s Humor @WomensHumor

“Ok #Mayans !! Time to get urself a new calender… Better buy 2013. :)” via Raghavendra Swamy @bennishiroor

“Might be a good time to buy tuna fish off your neighbors for pennies on the dollar #mayans #endoftheworldisfishy” via Buck Bites @buckebites

After last week’s devastating shooting in Newtown, CT, advocates on both aisles of the gun debate have spoke up. Today the NRA jumped in with a press conference calling for armed guards at all schools. Tweeters are responding in droves:

“Guns do not go off by themselves. The person pulling the trigger is the problem. Wake up! #nra” via Josephine @notmyname02 

“#NRA #NRAlogic The only way to prevent forrest fires is to burn down all of our forests.'” via Eric Lohman @erlohman

“Show me one federal building, court house or capitol building that is not protected by armed security. #nra” via Neo Kong @The_NeoKong

“Columbine had an armed deputy sheriff, yet 13 people still died. Tell the #NRA this is not the answer.” via Gavin Newsom @GavinNewsom

“Maybe within the evolution of a peaceful society, a right that was written 225 years ago, has now been outgrown & become unnecessary. #nra” via Toby King @2B_king


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