Power Source: Queen of Green’s ‘Eat Yourself Sexy’

by adoucette

Celebrity chef Lauren Von Der Pool released her first book on healthy living.

By Adoria Doucette

Lauren Von Der Pool shares her culinary mastery with the world in “Eat Yourself Sexy”. With a forward by Venus Williams, the book shares the transformative and joyful experience of living off a vegan/raw diet. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Von Der Pool)

Food is magical, and the art and science of exploring the wonders of properly fueling our dynamic human machine continues to evolve. When perennial Champion Serena Williams recently tweeted that her personal chef had released a recipe and healthy living guidebook, social media became ablaze with acclaim and kudos for one of Washington, D.C.’s most cultured and successful young trailblazers.

A native Washingtonian, and Power Source’s “Queen of Green,” Lauren Von Der Pool is one of the elite organic chefs in the world and has recently increased her influence and success by leaps and bounds. Von Der Pool Gourmet is an international raw and vegan food company famous for managing the diets of Olympic champions, movie stars, and Grammy-winning singers. A graduate of Le Courdon Bleu and protégé of Wolfgang Puck, over the past decade Von Der Pool has methodically mastered her craft and made an extraordinary impact on the explosion of consciousness surrounding healthy eating. She has worked closely with both the White House Green Energy Economy Forum, along with being an executive chef for First Lady Michelle Obama’sLet’s Move” campaign to combat childhood obesity. Von Der Pool was instrumental in lobbying Congress to reauthorize the Healthy,Hunger-Free Kids Act.

Near the end of 2011, she joined with Venus and Serena Williams to revolutionize their diets in a way that would rejuvenate and optimize their mental and physical performance. The daily regimen for the sisters designed and prepared by Von Der Pool led to three Olympic gold medals, a US Open Singles Championship and Wimbledon Singles and Doubles Championships. While working with the Williams sisters, Von Der Pool decided to share her insights with the world by writing “Eat Yourself Sexy,” a book that provides readers the insights and methods to optimize their body and diet to the fullest.

“Eat Yourself Sexy” reveals a lifestyle of positive transformation by consuming natural foods. Eating foods described in “Eat Yourself Sexy” is said to help enhance your mind, body, spirit, and the health of the planet. As a beginner’s guide to healthy eating that helps “makes you sexy from the inside out,” Von Der Pool’s book introduces readers to a new and rewarding world of eating with purpose.

As Von Der Pool continues to travel the world, Power Source salutes our dear friend for aligning her energy and passion with a higher and powerful purpose.

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