Society 2.0: Speechless

by Laura

President Obama and Oscar Pistorius both stunned the Twittersphere this week. 

By Chelsea Coli

President Obama’s State of the Union Address wowed America. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, Pool)

With more than 33 million people tuned in, President Barack Obama addressed Congress and the nation Tuesday with his State of The Union Address. Though some were more focused on the drinking habits of Sen. Marco Rubio, viewers didn’t fail to pick up on the hot topics of the night. Twitter was buzzing with posts about pre-k education, minimum wage and the right to vote as well as posts filled with applause and gratitude toward our nation’s leader.

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“Thanks to President @BarackObama for making #children’s issues a priority in his #SOTU address! – @SavetheChildren #investinkids” via Ivan Sizemore @ivanczarr

“#BarackObama has a way with words in the #sotu” via Jennifer Puga @POO_Ga

“President Obama is right. It’s time to raise the #minimumwage!  via @WorkingFamilies #p2 #SOTU” via Shakima Jones @lovemovementllc

“They deserve a vote” still echoing in my head this morning. Good stuff, @BarackObama. #SOTU2013″ via Britt D @Brittelizabeth

“Hands down the most emotional political speech I’ve ever heard. Way to go #Obama, you nailed it. #sotu2013″ via Phitney Walchik @Witknee4

Olympian Oscar Pistorius is being charged with the murder of his girlfriend. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

This Valentine’s Day was one of heartbreak for South Africa. When Reeva Steenkamp, girlfriend of South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius, was found shot in his home, the Olympian was charged with murder. The case stirs up conversations of gun control, domestic violence and the high female murder rate in South Africa. Pushing aside tweets of distasteful amputee jokes, it’s easy to see that while people everywhere are stunned and disheartened, they remain hopeful and supportive of his innocence.

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There is a consensus that regardless of the ruling, South Africa will be mourning two deaths – one of a model and one of a hero.

“@bhnoir completely agree. We all marvel at his superlative talent. Now his achievements have been eclipsed for ever.

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 #OscarPistorius” via Jude @Judemymum

“I’m no one to judge but it breaks my heart when someone who inspired and motivated me is not the person I put on a pedestal.#oscarpistorius” via Cesar @cesarv92

“Until proven guilty I will support Oscar. He must be going through hell right now. #OscarPistorius” via Stuart Leathern @Stu_Leathern

“@BBC_WHYS. #oscarpistorius The whole truth will come out during the trial but SA has too much violent crime esp violence vs women.” via Wongani Nyangula @wonganisato

“RT @piersmorgan: And yes, South Africa has even worse gun violence than America and has to do something urgently about it.#OscarPistorius” via Sandtontimes @sandtontimes

“@piersmorgan even worse is that I have not read one article focusing on the fact that #OscarPistorius should not have had a gun/license!!” via Kevin Boshoff @Kaaivin

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