WL Favorites: From the Boards

by Laura

We have food on the brain this week with these mouth-watering pins from WL’s Pinterest. 

By Kelsey Edelmann

Don’t let your cravings ruin your beach bod with these nutritious, yet satisfying, foodie pins.

Memorial Day has come and gone, and left us with temperatures that show no signs of cooling anytime soon. The best way to beat the heat is with some sugary treats, but with a summer of itsy-bitsy bikinis in our futures, the last thing we want is extra pounds. Thank goodness for Pinterest and its bevy of low-cal, delectable alternatives to satisfy all our cravings from sweet bites to savory nibbles.

Board: “Food Life”
What: Blackberry ice cream
Why we love it: You had us at blackberry. But seriously, who doesn’t love homemade ice cream on a stick? Add in the fact that it only requires a handful of ingredients to make and we are sold.

Board: “Food Life”
What: Avocado fritters with avocado-cilantro cream dipping sauce
Why we love it: While still a splurge item, these avocado fritters are a healthier alternative to hush puppies or tater tots, and the avocado-cilantro cream makes for a refreshing dipping sauce.

Board: “Food Life”
What: Strawberry honey butter
Why we love it: Just as pretty as it is yummy, better for you than cream cheese and more tasteful than jam- that is what we call the trifecta! We’ll be making this spread as the perfect complement to fruit bowls and whole-wheat toast all summer long.


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