Society 2.0: Metro Baby

by Laura

Amir Mason became the first baby to be born in a D.

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C. metro station, and an immediate Twitter legend. 

By Laura Wainman

(Photo by By Ben Schumin via Wikimedia Commons)

The irony of the fact that the baby was born at the L’Enfant- French for “the child”- Plaza stop was not lost on the Twitter universe. (Photo by By Ben Schumin via Wikimedia Commons)

“I’ve always planned to give birth in a dark and dirty metro station,” said no expectant mother ever. But, there’s a first time for everything and on August 1, Shavonnte Taylor became the first mother to deliver her child on a D.C. metro platform. Her 8-pound-5-ounce son, Amir Mason, was born 16 days early at the L’Enfant Plaza metro station, and both mother and child are reportedly doing well. To no one’s surprise, the metro baby news immediately blew up on Twitter, and the hashtag #metrobaby was trending within hours of the boy’s 10:31 a.m. arrival, with many of the tweets containing satirical suggestions for baby names. The irony that the birth occurred at the L’Enfant- French for “the child”- Plaza station was not lost on the Twitterverse, nor the fact that the boy was born one day before the station’s namesake, Pierre L’Enfant.

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“Baby born at DC Metro’s L’Enfant Plaza station. I’m partial to the name “Doris Closing” #metrobaby” via Jim Acosta @JimAcostaCNN

“Also, are we at the point yet where we can start suggesting names for #MetroBaby? Let me start: BlueLine Ivy.” via Matt Cohen @Matt_D_Cohen

“@MetroTransitPD @AdamTuss @nbcwashington Pierre L’Enfant’s birthday is tomorrow. Kid missed it by a day.” via Catherine Cooke @catherinecooke

“Baby will go down in history for being the first person to ever arrive ahead of schedule at a Metro stop.” via delrayser @delrayser

“Metro baby later arrested for eating on platform. Mother cited as accomplice. #MetroBaby” via John Fleury @Buffalo_Theory

“Kids one day and younger ride free “@TheBBerryMom: @AdamTuss Did Metro require #Metrobaby to have a Smartrip card?” @nbcwashington” via Adam Tuss @AdamTuss

“A new American who knows the value of public transit! #metrobaby” via Sarah Massey @sarahmassey

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