Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Nichole

Happy birthday Coco, Manolo Blahnik’s shoe mausoleum and all about Elle/BYCO’s designer contest.

By Nichole Devolites

Photo courtesy hto2008 via Flickr

The birthday girl in repose. (Photo courtesy hto2008 via Flickr)

For all you fashion mavens out there, you know that the world’s biggest late icon, Coco Chanel, would have been 130 Aug. 19. Check out some of her most memorable quotes here.

Following in the footsteps of Missoni, Prabal Gurung and many others, 3.1 Philip Lim is about to launch his 100-piece collaborative collection in Target stories on September 15. Watch the making of the collection here.

… and speaking of collaborations, what if you have aspirations to be a designer but don’t have the funds to make it happen? Elle/BYCO has just launched a contest to support one designer’s dream. Click here to read the rules and requirements.

About a month ago, I reported on the Alexander Wang clothes giveaway in New York and how anyone could grab anything they wanted, so long as they could haul it out of the location. The video grab is now out here.

On the more lavish side of life, Sean Parker and his new bride, Alexandra Lenas, have released their wedding photos, proving that you really can do anything with $4.5 million.

What else can you do with that money? Build an almost 27,000-sq.-ft. Barbie dream house complete with a pink dolphin popping out of a commode. See the life-size house here or stop by it the next time you’re in Berlin.

If being surrounded by “Lord of the Rings”-inspired wedding décor isn’t your thing, perhaps living in Manolo Blahnik’s shoe “mausoleum” would do. See just how many pairs of shoes he is surrounded by!

In the Middle East, the topic of lingerie is still highly taboo. Still, women are women and having the right-fitting undergarments is a must for anyone. Read the story of Alex Tohme’s e-commerce start-up,

Perhaps the protection you’re looking for isn’t under your clothes. Find out about these “chic” Blingsting pepper sprays. Who says you can’t look fabulous while fending off an attacker?


Remember when bodysuits were all the rage? Well, they are making a comeback and it’s important to know how to wear them. These artistic styles will lend some inspiration.

What could you pair with these? A fuller skirt. The 1950s-esque kitchen staple is making a comeback. This crumpled-aluminum foil photo print skirt by Etienne Deroeux is inspired. Not your style? Try one of these printed skirts for fall.

Looking for something more office-appropriate? This Building Block black business bag, created by sisters Kimberly and Nancy Wu, fill the bill.

Want something with a bit more sparkle? How about Dries Van Noten’s Single Crystal Pendant necklace.

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