DC Police Foundation Law Enforcement Awards

by Editorial
Chief of Police Cathy Lanier and Sharon Pratt  

Chief of Police Cathy Lanier and Sharon Pratt

Location: Capital Hilton Hotel

WL EXCLUSIVE: Photos by Tony Powell

Book Em!: The safest place in Washington — and maybe the country due to the presence of Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. — was during this lunch at the Capital Hilton.

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Chief of Police Cathy Lanier handed out awards to detectives and officers courtesy of the DC Police Foundation – a non-profit that brings together business, civic, and other professional communities to promote public safety by providing financial and in-kind resources. In Custody: SunTrust’s Scott Wilfong, Geico’s Rynthia Rost and Cheryl Ibanez, John Hill, Natawar Gandhi, Jack Evans, and Ken Sparks.

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