Michael J. Fox Foundation Benefit

by Editorial
Oatsie Charles with grandson Nick Mele  

Oatsie Charles with grandson Nick Mele

Location: Joe and Victoria Mele Residence, Newport, R.I.

WL EXCLUSIVE: Photos by Nicholas Mele 

A MAN WITH A PLAN: Linda Avey has worked with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to research the genetic causes of Parkinson’s disease and her brother, Georgetown-chiropractor-to-the-stars Dr. Philip Bahnson, wanted to help. Why not fundraise in Newport, his favorite summer resort? CONNECTIONS COUNT: Success was assured when Bahnson’s pals Joe and Victoria Mele, agreed to host an event at their home, “Land’s End” (once owned by writer Edith Wharton) and Nuala Pell, whose late husband, Sen. Claiborne Pell, suffered from Parkinson’s, signed on as honorary chairwoman.

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CROWNING TOUCH: The presence of Victoria’s mother, Marion “Oatsie” Charles, whose unique charm and wit perk up any gathering.

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